Meghan McCain, The View’s tenant conservative co-host, said on Monday that she had a ” really hard ” time deciding whether President Donald Trump or Sen. Bernie Sanders( I-VT) is” more in the tank for Russia .”

Discussing recent disclosures that Sanders was briefed last month that Russia was attempting to aid the democratic socialist senator in his 2020 presidential dictation, co-host Sunny Hostin grumbled that Sanders” wasn’t that forthright with the public .” She went on to note that Trump would be expected to usage Russia’s meddling to contest the results of the election if Sanders were to win.

” That’s a far jump into the future ,” McCain responded.

The conservative personality, who has been extremely critical of Sanders and his supporters recently, to continue to be take her own establish to task for only devoting airtime last week to reports that Congress was briefed that Russia was looking to interfere on Trump’s behalf in 2020.

” We didn’t mention that Bernie was also briefed at the same time ,” she said.” That was completely omitted from reports .”

” We too didn’t mention that now it’s come out that maybe people that had briefed those people, briefed information campaigns, may have overstepped it a little bit ,” McCain continued.” And I only ever think it’s interesting that when we’re talking about Russia, we only talk about Trump when it comes out that Bernie has just as serious a number of problems as Trump does. Why aren’t we talking about that? Why is that something we are omitting from our Red-hot Topics ?!”

Later in the segment, the counter tied Russia seemingly wishing Sanders in the Democratic primary to Trump excitedly hyping up the Vermont senator’s” great win” in the Nevada caucuses.

” He usually reserves this enthusiasm for oppressors and porn suns ,” radical co-host Joy Behar exclaimed.

” So Bernie is like a oppressor or a porn whiz in the eyes of Trump ?” McCain, perplexed, wondered aloud.” I entail, he’s super elicited .”

” No. The exuberance that he’s depicting is because he thinks he can beat Bernie ,” Behar replied.” He became, he went to the Ukraine to try and hurt[ Joe] Biden .”

McCain, meanwhile, co-opted one of Team Trump’s new threads of strikeon Sanders to tie him to Russia and Vladimir Putin.

” I symbolize, Bernie invested his honeymoon in Soviet Russia ,” she proclaimed.” I make, I think if you’re going to go back and forth over who is more in the cistern for Russia, it’s a really hard one between Bernie and Trump .”

McCain’s comments resulted in a single gathering member acclaiming her, inducing the former Fox News star to sarcastically act:” Thank you very much, sir in the blue shirt .”


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