Some duets enjoy curling up together on the sofa for a romantic darknes in with a feelgood rom-com. Others favor barrels of blood, monsters under the plot, and the bellow of the innocent( or not so innocent .) Here are 20 streaming horror movies you can watch on Netflix right now with your bloody-minded Valentine.


Ig Perrish is having a bad epoch. After being accused of the harsh abuse and slaughter of his long-term lover, he wakes up with a hellish hangover and a prepare of horns proliferating out of his head. Likewise, anyone he comes into contact with — including pals and family — begin to tell him their deepest, darkest secrets. Yeah, pretty bad day.

Inner Demons

If ” Intervention” and” The Blair Witch Project” constituted mad enthusiastic charity and had a newborn, this would be it. Is Carson, a former straight-A student gone wrong, plainly a young woman “re going through” a goth-druggie stage — or is something much more ominou at play?

The Nightmare

This is technically a documentary but it’s very well done and terribly terrifying. It dives into the phenomenon known as” sleep paralysis” and how it alters its sufferers.( As a longtime prey of sleep paralysis, I can concur that this film is on-point .)


Based on a storey by fright enormous M. Night Shyamalan, a group of wrong-doers are captured together in a malfunctioning elevator and revolved against each other one by one. Oh, did I mention one of them is Satan?

The Babadook

One of the best fright cinemas to come out in recent years, the narrative of widowed mom Amelia and her agitated son Sam will both scare you and too reassure you that perhaps childfree is the way to be.

V/ H/ S

Six cinemas, six different forms of fear. A standout segment is “Amateur Night”, a pack of friends out on the prowl for some strange. Lily, nonetheless, is a little stranger than they’d agreement for.” I like you !”

Mr. Jones

Scott and Penny placed their lives on hold to make a sort documentary in the secluded wilderness. Acts go bad when the project doesn’t turn out as well as they’d hoped, and they start even worse when they come across the works of strange, elusive artist Mr. Jones.

We Are What We Are

The Parkers are a very close lineage. Because what depicts a family closer together than a horrendous, terrifying secret? Ancient institutions and isolation make this film a chilling know indeed.

Wes Craven’s New Nightmare

Who wouldn’t want to live in a macrocosm where we get both Robert Englund AND Freddy Kreuger? This delightfully meta movie inquires the relevant recommendations that the actors who represent attributes in the” Nightmare On Elm Street” tale are haunted IRL by the monster they envisaged dwelt simply on the screen.


Light some candles, lope a soap, and experience tubby epoch with Josef as Aaron films his everyday lives for posterity. Or is that really what’s going on? I can’t wait for you to meet Peachfuzz.

Dark Skies

The suburbs become a haven of horror when the Barrett family begins to experience strange presences. Animal attacks, peculiar themes, and spontaneous nosebleeds are actually the least of their worries.

The Hole( 2001)

Liz, Mike, Geoff, and Frankie decide to blow off a school field trip and spend their free time partying in an deserted fallout shelter. Nonetheless, their brilliant propose soon extends belly-up when the door won’t open and they recognize no one is coming for them. This might be considered more of a thriller than a repugnance flick but it’s pretty dark and facets Kiera Knightly in her entry breakout role.

Banshee Chapter

Loosely based on a storey by H.P. Lovecraft, this movie was developed by Zachary Quinto( my strong-browed adore) and boasts Buffalo Bill as a Hunter S. Thompson-esque delight. Mystery doses, the governmental forces, foreigners … just like Stefan’s favorite guilds, it’s got it all.

Dead Silence

James Wan’s work has a signature form without coming off as repetitive. After the unexplained death of his wife, Jamie Ashen returns to his childhood residence to find out why he was anonymously transmitted a ventriloquist’s dummy appointed “Billy.” Billy precedes him to the dark myth of Mary Shaw and what happens when she makes you scream…

The Haunting( 1999)

A loose remake of the 1963 original( and the Shirley Jackson tale ), this film follows groupings of people accompanying what the hell is believe is a sleep consider — but turns out to be something far more scaring. It’s fairly star-studded, peculiarity Liam Neeson, Catherine Zeta-Jones, and Owen Wilson.

The Faculty

Travel back to high school with this late-9 0s masterpiece. Josh Hartnett and sidekicks go on a super spooky cavort while trying to avoid becoming alien nutrient, all set to an alt-grunge soundtrack that will attain you miss when Garbage was popular.

Stonehearst Asylum

At Stonehearst Asylum, atrociou procedures and “cures” have been replaced by kindness and freedom. But is all as it seems? With Ben Kingsley, Kate Beckinsale, and Michael Caine starring, this movie is chock full of talented Brits and creepy bits.


This one is perfect for the romantic nighttime in! After their matrimony, Bea and Paul go on their honeymoon set in a rustic hut. And everything is wonderful! Only kidding, this is a inventory of fright movies and you know everything becomes straight-out to hell.

The Shining

I shouldn’t have to explain why you need to watch this masterpiece. Assemble the Torrance family at the Overlook Hotel, sit back, and experience. After all, you’ve always been there.


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