Its no secret that New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft and heading manager Bill Belichick are friends of President Donald Trump. Unless you rely on radio broadcasting network evening news.

Thirty-four Patriots actors assembled their coach-and-four and unit owner in site visits to the White House to reputation them on their victory. That visit was overshadowed by the seeming suicide of former teammate Aaron Hernandez, in prison for the murder of Odin Lloyd. All three networks used Hernandezs death to downgrade the written press incident into B-roll. Then they skipped the positive things Kraft had to say about Trump or a key, pro-Trump anecdote the president mentioned involving Belichick.

The rest of the media did everything they could to prevent Trump from scoring extents, just like normal. Politico described the visit as, The Alt-Rights Favorite Team Visits the White House. Several outlets hyped the number of players who had skipped, like Timeand lefty Think Progress.

Some sites promoted an anti-Trump Patriots video. GQ claimedTrump Seems Pretty Hurt by quarterback Tom Bradys skipping the incident. Even though Brady had to be broken up over the death of a former is part of his offense. ESPNs Bob Ley said he was stunnedthe Patriots for having anyone go in light of Hernandezs death.

The Experience Sports faculty( Who reads the Times for athletics ?) tweeted out comparison photos from the Patriots 2015 inspect claiming to show a major imbalance in player and staff attendance.

The Patriots immediately debunked that by posting a different photo and then including a comment adding: These photos paucity context. Realities: In 2015, over 40 football staff are currently in the stairs. In 2017, they were accommodated on the South Lawn. Perhaps, this is why people shouldnt spoke the Times for sports.

Thursday morning the president himself tweeted about the Durations:

The Washington Post was much more honest. As the paper set it, Robert Kraft lauds President Trump during Tom Brady-less White House visit. When was the last time you witnessed anyone laud-ing Trump on system bulletin?

Kraft went on to compare the Patriots epic, come-from-behind acquire in Super Bowl 51 to Trumps presidential succes. The Post ran with the words, even though the networks did not 😛 TAGEND

This times championship was achieved after falling behind 25 times that insufficiency had only been overcome seven meters, he persisted. In that same[ behaviour ], a very good friend of excavation for over 25 years launched a campaign for the president facing curious almost as long as we faced. He continued to become the 45 th president of the United States.

When Trump introduced Belichick, he told a story of how the coach had sent him a nice character of support. But when Trump asked if it would be OK to read that letter to a stadium full of beings in a exceedingly, very big and significant government, Belichick asked for the letter back and vowed to send another one. Heres Trump, telling the fib the networks didnt 😛 TAGEND

Now, immediately to me, that represents hes going to manner it down because what he added was so nice. And you know what he did? He toned it channel up. It was much better. It was much better. He manufactured that the greatest character, and I did very well in that regime. Thank you, coach. That was very good.

CBS and NBC did make sure to include a cute clip from Patriots tight point Rob Gronkowski who ended the Sean Spicer presser. But any lift Trump might have gotten among Patriots faithful was repudiated him by the broadcast networks.

Dan Gainor is the Media Research Center’s Vice President for Business and Culture . He writes routinely about media for Fox News Opinion . He can also be contacted on Facebook and Twitter as dangainor .


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