A perfectly illuminated bride staring out a discoloured glass window, a father smiling as she lovingly puts a pendant around her daughter’s neck or an adorable flower girl sitting sweetly next to her bud basket. These are probably the images that come to mind when you think of wedding photographs – but if you hire photographer Ian Weldon, these are not the photos you are going to get.

Repeatedly scheduled as ‘not a marry photographer’ on all of his sheets, this artist explains: “I’m completely unbiased in the photo I constitute. A sort of photographic democracy where one photograph is no more important than any other. Where all things are equal, people the same as objects.” The subjects of his photos indicate the nitty-gritty, hilariously real times that take place on these special days. “Much as I’d love to stand around for hours rowing people up and taking a photo of every combining of family members and clients, I’ve more important things to be doing. And quite frankly, so have you.” Scroll down below to check out wedding photography as you’ve never seen it before and don’t forget to upvote your faves!

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“I started to photograph marries to earn money so I could work on other photography jobs. When I found that weddings were fruitful ground for great photos, and they had not really been approached as a documentary subject they became the project, ” the photographer told Bored Panda , explaining how it started.

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This genius idea laboured so well that it generated revelation and a beautiful wedding photography notebook. I Am Not A Wedding Photographer was also produced to coincide with the exhibition of the same name, on display at the Martin Parr Foundation June 26 to August 10 th, 2019.

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“I didn’t choose the underbelly of culture and I didn’t choose social injustice. I chose Bridals, full of people and character and laughter and pleasure and sadness and dancing and boozing, and Love.”

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