A republican rector known for producing controversial Facebook videos is back with a blistering the defence of Christian organizations who turn away same-sex duets.

Pastor Greg Locke of Tennessee’s Global Vision Bible Church undertook the case of vehicles of Masterpiece Cakeshop v. Colorado Civil Privilege Commission in a jaw-dropping time posted to Facebook Dec. 6, a daylight after the Supreme court inaugurated listening controversies. The rule, which is expected in outpouring 2018, will determine whether or not baker Jack Phillips was illegally discriminating against a same-sex duet or just employing his right to religious discretion when he refused to create a patty for a wedding ceremony he viewed as sacrilegious.

No stranger to controversial testimonies, Locke made it clear he was very much on Masterpiece Cakeshop’s side, saying the case is “an absolute, positive target” on “evangelicals with actual convictions.”

“The LGBTABCDEFG- whatever the foolhardy acronym is at this particular point — they’ve gone overboard. They have fake outrage, selective drama, ” he says in the time, which can be viewed above. “Why don’t they get up and proceed try that sillines at a Muslim bakery? Read if they get their posteriors shed out in wall street and see what happens then. They wouldn’t be suing them.”

He prolongs, “I don’t really give the turn of a wooden nickel who you have sex with, ” he says. “But I do attend when you cram it down my kid’s throats in public academy. I do care when every sitcom, every late night talk picture legion, every jester, every anthem, every movie coming out has to push, thrust, pushing, move, thrust, thrust the agenda.”

The Facebook version of Locke’s video had received over 706,000 attitudes as of Sunday afternoon. On YouTube, the clip had been deemed an additional 2,600 hours.

Viewers, however, were segmented on Locke’s stance. Though some accusing it of “spitting venom” and being an “ignorant hypocritical racist, ” others represented the pastor’s give.

“If the homosexuals want same-sex union patties for their wedding then they need to learn how to start baking, ” one person on Facebook wrote. “I wish person would try to tell me what I can and can’t do with my own business that I started that I built.”

The Global Vision Bible Church didn’t respond to a HuffPost request for comment on Locke’s latest viral video.

Locke, of course, has been becoming headlines for some time. In 2016, he detonation Target’s transgender-inclusive bathroom policy, accusing the retail monsterof bowing to “perverts[ and] pedophiles” who “are going to injured our children” in a video that received over 18 million views on Facebook and 152,000 views on YouTube.

His tirades, however, sometimes miscarry. In February, Locke’s opposition to Strategy Parenthood induced a Los Angeles man to launch an online fundraiser in the pastor’s refer, which purposed up rendering over $3,000 in donations for … Strategy Parenthood.


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