So how many teenagers will it be,

As the tale moves, earlier today, Harry and Meghan met a well-wisher mentioned Elaine Adam-Stewart in Dublin earlier who informed the pair how her red-headed spouse devoted her five children!

She then proceeded to ask the very important follow-up question straight to Harry( below ):

“When are you and Meghan going to get going? “

HA !!!

As Adam-Stewart recalled, Prince Harry took the question in stride, tittering about it before saying that five girls was “too many” for him. Noted!

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Soooo … how many children will it be then, Harry ?! Obviously it’s quite early on for this couple to be seriously planning kids fairly yet — they’re still in the honeymoon stage, after all!

But soon enough…

What do y’all suppose, Perezcious readers ?! What shall lie in store for Harry and Meghan ??

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