Priyanka Chopra is running the tea on Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner ‘ s impromptu Vegas wedding!

By now, it’s common knowledge that the Jonas Brother vocalist and Game of Thrones superstar got hitched last week after the Billboard Music Awards .

But thanks to brand-new details from Nick Jonas ‘ partner, we can pretty much confirm that it was as fun and wild as it appeared!

In a new interrogation with Access , the former Quantico adept dished on what it was like to attend the very campy and spontaneous rite. She said 😛 TAGEND

” That was so fun. It was so fun! And it’s so Jophie, I call them Jophie. It’s like, rely them to do that. That is Jophie !”

As we reported, the May 1 nuptials were officiated by an Elvis Presley impersonator at the Little White Wedding Chapel on the Vegas Strip. Artist Diplo served as the ceremony’s videographer and singer Khalid was in attendance, too.

Chopra says that her brother-in-law actually handed out blank invites to their inner circle to fill out and invite a few cases clients from the BBMAs … only a few cases short hours before the actual ceremony!

” It was really funny. We are available at the Billboards. Joe I visualize had this idea that he wanted to do this. But we were at the Billboards and “hes had” these little black posters that everyone is get. We were randomly inviting our friends, like people that we met. We used to be like,’ alright, we’re going to set up this marry now, we’re going to the chapel right from here, and satisfy arrive, satisfy arrive.’ We had Diplo, Khalid, they were really sweet, they arrived. Diplo Instagram Live-d the whole thing, it was awesome .”

The fun didn’t stop there, either! Later that night, Nickyanka and the newlyweds get for a joyride around Sin City in a pink Hummer limo. Recalling the fun-filled night, she dished:

” It was so funny! I make, we were driving around this pink Hummer limo. I was outside the window. It was just epic. I had that long hair extensions that I thought was going to fly out of the window. It was that kind of night — a Jophie kind of night .”

All hail Jophie! The duet that REALLY knows how to defendant!

But all jokes aside, the Baywatch virtuoso repeated that Joe and Sophie’s uniting was exactly fitted for their personalities, despite what anyone may think 😛 TAGEND

” It’s exactly who and what we stand for. Nick and Joe both are so different but are best friends, and that’s what’s beautiful about “the two countries relations”. And you can see that in the weds as well. It was very reflective of the two of them and us as couples, you are aware ?”

And at the end of the working day, she’s eternally grateful to have such enormous “J-sisters” in Turner and in sister-in-law Danielle Jonas , who’s married to Kevin Jonas . She candidly admitted to the outlet 😛 TAGEND

” Thank God. Can you imagine? That would have been rough. That would therefore be hard-boiled. I lucked out. They’re amazing girls and they’re girlfriends girlfriends. That’s what I love about them .”

As we recently reported, the glad duo plans to have another official wedding ceremony in Europe later this summer. The 36 -year-old says it’ll be an” amazing, beautiful marry” which will include plenty of rugby and football for the guys! We can’t help but think that’s Sophie’s British affect right there. LOLz…

The actress concluded, and told the outlet that she plans to casually cheer from the sidelines 😛 TAGEND

“‘ Yay, you guys are great! Well done! ’ while I sip on a Bellini .”

Ahh, sounds like more enjoyable durations are on the way for the ever-growing Jonas family!

Thoughts, Perezcious readers? Did all of these insider deetz give you major FOMO from Joe and Sophie’s marriage?

[ Image via GIPHY/ Ivan Nikolov/ Apega/ WENN ]

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