In a BBC3 film, former girlfriend Kitti Jones alleges the R& amp; B ace groomed an underage daughter as well as her and other young woman; Kelly has refused to comment

The R& B singer R Kelly has been accused of sexually abusing a girl since she was 14 years old.

The allegation- the latest developments in a string of allegations of the sexual abuse of young woman by Kelly- was realise, referring to another woman, by former lover Kitti Jones, in a BBC3 documentary, R Kelly: Fornication, Girls and Videotapes.

During two years of dating Kelly from 2011 onwards, Jones, 34, articulates she was groomed by him, and forced to have sex with him and others at least 10 times in a” fornication dungeon “.

She answered:” I was introduced to one of the girls, that he told me he’ developed’ since she was 14, those were his messages. I appreciated that she was “re dressed like” me, that she was saying the things I’d answer and her mannerisms was exactly mine. That’s when it clicked in my premier that “hes been” grooming me to become one of his pets. He calls them his domesticateds .”

BBC News Press Team (@ BBCNewsPR)

WATCH: R Kelly’s former girlfriend Kitti Jones shares with @BenjaminZand her knows of abuse and grooming during their relationship. R Kelly: Sexuality, Girls& Videotapes is available on @BBCThree now https :// KebXU8q 2mc G2C1xHJdUX

March 28, 2018

Jones mentioned Kelly drew the unnamed wife” crawl on the floor towards me and play oral sex on me, and he announced,’ This is my fucking baby, I improved her. She’s going to teach you how to be with me .'” It is unclear how old-fashioned the status of women was at the time of this incident.

Kelly or legal representatives manufactured no mention to the BBC or the Guardian, but he has previously repudiated accusations of sexual impropriety or violence against ladies.

In 2008, Kelly was experienced not guilty of child pornography fees after he was accused of filming and photographing sexual meetings with a 14 -year-old girl. He has reportedly made out of court accommodations with different other women, including in 1996 Tiffany Hawkins, who said she had a sexual relationship with him for three years from persons under the age of 15.

Jones has spoken out against Kelly before, in an October 2017 interview with Rolling Stone, in which she described him becoming physically abusive after she encountered him over the alleged child abuse personas:” He would start knocking me, tell people I was a – fucking bitch[ and] don’t ever get in his business .”

In the BBC documentary, Jones tells Kelly was ” extremely abusive, physically, mentally, verbally. I think he gets some sort of enjoyment within himself, knowing that he’s taking restrain over other parties .”

In July 2017, Jones, along with three other women, spoke out against Kelly for an investigation by reporter Jim DeRogatis for BuzzFeed News, in which they accused him of “brainwashing” a series of women into a cult-like setup, where Kelly required them to have sex with him, and controlled what they wore and when they could use the shower or their phones.

Kelly repudiated the amount claimed, saying he would” labour diligently and forcibly to haunt his accusers and clear his refer “.

DeRogatis later spoke to Jerhonda Pace, other women who had a sexual relationship with Kelly. She supposed:” I was slapped and I was suffocated and I was spit on” by Kelly, who likewise apparently had her dress up like a schoolgirl and call him “daddy”.

Elsewhere in the documentary, Kelly’s ex-manager Rocky Bivens stated that he was at the secret wedding ceremony between the vocalist and fellow R& B star Aaliyah, who was 15 at the time. Kelly has in the past repudiated the marriage.

Kelly is one of the most successful R& B singers of all time, having scored six US No 1 books, with seven more reaching the Top 5; his hits include Bump n’ Grind, I Belief I Can Fly and Ignition( Remix ). His success has dwindled in recent years, nonetheless, and he hasn’t had a single in the US Top 20 since 2007.


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