In 1967, Elvis Presley was the one of “the worlds largest” eligible bachelors in the nations of the world. The King of Rock and Roll had a long register of touch records and movies, over a million dollars in the bank and a sprawling estate known as “Graceland.” He was adored by women around the world, but that time he smashed middles by marrying his long-time lover, Priscilla Ann Wagner.

Priscilla was merely 14 years old when she encountered Elvis in 1959, but nonetheless, she made quite an impression. They stayed in touch during his time in the Army, reuniting for good in 1962. In ’6 7, they were finally married, and passed birth to their daughter, Lisa Marie, the following year.

However, the honeymoon was suddenly lived. The marriage soon became abounding with questions, and in 1973, Elvis and Priscilla got a divorce. Some say he never recovered from the heartbreak, as evidenced by his declining health and fatality simply 5 years later.


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