Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin’s office pushed back Thursday after a published report said the secretary’s travel aboard U.S. armed aircraft last year had expenditure taxpayers roughly$ 1 million.

Documents received through a Freedom of Information Act( FOIA) asking by Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington( CREW) depict Mnuchin took eight separate trips between the springtime and drop of 2017, including a notorious see to Fort Knox, Ky ., with his wife, Louise Linton, that coincided with a solar eclipse.

Other officials in President Donald Trump’s Cabinet have been previously come under burn for their application of military and taxpayer-funded flights, which led to the resignation of former Health and Human Services Secretary Tom Price, Politco reported.

A spokesman for the Treasury said in a statement to Politico that “much of CREW’s’ report’ consists of falsifications and mischaracterizations, ” adding that Mnuchin’s hasn’t applied a military aircraft since his trip to the Middle eastern last-place October.

“Even CREW concedes that the Secretary’s travel askings’ bear a remarkable similarity’ in response to requests submitted by secretaries in the Obama Administration, expending the same favor process and height of rationale, ” the statement said. “These certificates explicitly express Treasury’s concern for being prudent with taxpayer dollars while fulfilling important departmental responsibilities.”

“Even CREW concedes that the Secretary’s travel seeks’ bear a impressive similarity’ in response to requests submitted by secretaries in the Obama Administration, exploiting the same approval process and stage of justification.”

– Treasury Department statement

According to CREW, the Federal Aviation Administration( FAA) offered Mnuchin “alternative dates” for his trip to Kentucky, but the secretary opted for a year in which no FAA aircraft was available, arising in a $33,046 price tag for the Aug. 21, 2017, trip aboard a military aircraft, according to the report.

“Secretary Mnuchin is one of a legion of cabinet secretaries who collectively have incurred millions of dollars of airfare overheads exactly during the first year of the Trump administration, ” the report says.

The secretary too attempted to use a military aircraft for his honeymoon trip to Europe, citing a require “to have access to secure communications, ” before eventually withdrawing his seek, each of these reports stated.

Despite Mnuchin’s use of authority aircraft, Rich Delmar, lawyer to the Treasury Department’s Office of Inspector General, located the secretary’s mode of walk “violated no law.” Nonetheless, he memorandum a “disconnect” between the Treasury and the White House in terms of the process to justify the trips.

Unlike previous Treasury secretaries, CREW point out here that that Mnuchin “apparently has not made a single trip on a commercial aircraft.”

“( T) he public still has no reasonable justification for why Secretary Mnuchin apparently “ve never” utilized commercial aircraft, while his precedes did; why his roam is not designed to minimize payments by, for example, scheduling confidential asks when he is not on a short domestic flight; or why he necessity military aircraft that can accommodate 120 passengers when his wander manifests contain far fewer figures, ” the report read.

Benjamin Brown is a reporter for Fox News. Follow him on Twitter @ bdbrown4 73.