ROME–Two American teens from San Francisco said to be on a drug holiday in Rome are in custody for slaughter and struggled extortion in connection with the stabbing death of a 35 -year-old police officer early Friday morning. The boys ought to have reputation by the Italian press as Lee Finnegan Elder, 19, and Gabriel Christian Natale Hjorth, 18.

Roman police said in a statement Saturday morning that they two were interrogated by Carabinieri under the direction of the local Rome prosecutor.” In the face of overwhelming indicate, they acknowledged to the charges .”

On Saturday afternoon, Francesco Codini, who said he was representing Elder, told reporters that his client had practised his right not to speak in further investigations. Codini said he would not devote further interviews out of respect for the tumble police officer. A solicitor for the other suspect had not been officially reputation.

Police say the boys bought what they thought to be cocaine from a drug dealer in the lively region of Trastevere in central Rome. But when they tried to snort the pulverization, they realise it was just ground aspirin. They were then caught on surveillance video returning to the square where they initially bought the bogu cocaine. When they got there they stole the suspect pusher’s pouch. The pusher then called his cellphone, which was still inside the bag, and made a deal to return the money and one gram of real cocaine to the young men if they are able to impart all else back to him.

The pusher, who is reported to be a police informant and has not been mentioned, called the cops and invited them to the rendezvous. Once there, officer Mario Cerciello Rega reportedly stepped in to question the American teens about the medication obtain. The Americans then allegedly pierced and knocked Cerciello Rega before stabbing him eight meters with a large knife around 2 am. Cerciello Rega, who had just returned to duty from his honeymoon dates earlier, died a few hours later.

The boys were caught on surveillance cameras fleeing the background with the filch handbag in their hands. The purse was later encountered near their hotel.

Initial reports on Friday suggested that the suspect murderers were Northern african migrants before the Americans were arrested.

Rome police confirmed in a statement that the teens were detained in their chamber at the Hotel Meridien Visconti near the Vatican in central Rome on Friday afternoon after police knew a viciou bayonet and clothes tucked into the ceiling tiles of the double room.

Police also confirm that the young men had already booked tickets to return to the United States.

Late Saturday, the Elder family issued a statement to reporters by email.” We write as a family to express our deepest condolences to the sorrowing family and community that adored Brigadier Cerciello Rega ,” they wrote.” We are stunned and chagrined at the events that reported here, but have very little independent information about these events. We have not been able to have any communication with our son. We ask that you respect our privacy during this difficult time. Our estimates are with all of those who have been impacted by this tragedy .”

This is a developing narrative .


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