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Scientists report firstly amphibious centipede | Fox News


( Natural History Museum/ ZooKeys)

It’s eight inches long with a unpleasant pierce, long legs, and “a deplorable pitch-dark, greenish-black color.” It’s likewise bound to manufacture you forestall all reservoirs and flows for the near future.

Gregory Edgecombe of London’s Natural History Museum says he’s detected a brand-new species of centipede are members of the giant centipede family Scolopendra that’s is not simply horrendous, but the first amphibious centipede species ever found.

Edgecombe found two specimen of Scolopendra cataracta identified after the Latin word for “waterfall”in Laos and a DNA measure attested the latter are unique. Nonetheless, the “horrific-looking” species, described in gazette ZooKeys, had also been identified by Edgecombe’s colleague while on his honeymoon in Thailand back in 2001, reports National Geographic .



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