Sarah Illig’s dream honeymoon in the Bahamas turned out to be a nightmare after she was bitten by a shark.

The 25 -year-old Charleston, South Carolina woman was vacationing with brand-new hubby Evan Carroll at an attraction that allows clients to swim with sharks.

Her husband was filming her underwater when a five-foot wet-nurse shark swam up and chomped down on her arm.

“It felt like five or six sides were grabbing into the side of my arm and pinching it as hard-boiled as we are able to, ” Illig told Inside Edition. “The bite was only a second long but simply a half a second later my intellect handled it and I realized that it hurt.”

Nurse sharks normally don’t attempt unless precipitated, something Illig attests she didn’t do.

There was no posterior pulling or feeding during my snorkel with them( as you can clearly see via video) ” Illig told the New York Daily News.

Illig said her husband immediately applied pressure to her weave with a towel.

“Evan is the calmest person I know so he treated everything great. He calmly got me out of the irrigate and helped with first succour, ” she told “He was apprehensive getting me out of the sea because the nanny shark did come back around and circled us after the bite.”

Inside Edition

Illig said the worst part wasn’t the actual pierce, but the wait she had to endure before she could get medical attention.

“We had to leave it untreated for the purposes of an hour or so, exactly to get back to where we were going before we are to be able get it treated, ” she told Inside Edition. “That was the most agonizing plainly because it was an opened flesh wound.”

Illig suffered a bunch of flesh meanders along her limb.

We were worried about staph or another infection but it’s healing enormous! ” she told the Sun newspaper. “So glad we did( movie it) because no one would believe it !! Feared the heckkkkk out of me! ”

The couple posted footage of the attack on Facebook with the caption “Ended the honeymoon with a bang…Check out the bombshell and very rare nurse shark burn in the video and don’t forget the publication to hear the crunchhhhh.” It has since been removed.

Illig returned home three days later with bite scores that will hopefully fade with era, and a reminiscence that probably won’t.


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