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A honeymoon in Sri Lanka tickings a lot of boxes.

The tropical island offers golden beaches, remote tabernacles and friendly neighbourhoods, all at a soothing tempo. But, since Easter Sunday’s bombings, the mood has changed.

Britons are being told not to be done in order to Sri Lanka unless their excursion is essential . The UK authority says more terrorist attacks are “very likely”.

For travellers still in the country, there are worries about how they’ll get home.

And for those with expensive holidays booked and paid under, they may not get there at all.

‘We precisely want to get home now – and sharpish’

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Joe and Rebecca Jones have one day left of their honeymoon in Sri Lanka, and are worried about shaping the excursion residence on Saturday.

Mr Jones, a 30 -year-old teacher from Cardiff, said they had spent their time on the south coast of small island developing, far away from the carnage.

“Our honeymoon has been tarnished, but it hasn’t been ruined because the Sri Lankan parties have got on with things, ” he told the BBC from the southern town of Unawatuna.

“They’ve carried on as normal and certainly accommodated us. I thoughts the people here are battle-hardened to assaults like this.”

But he acknowledged the couple were on edge about passing to Colombo for their flight back to London.

“We precisely want to get back now – and sharpish.”

And he mourned that parties would now affiliate the country with the terrorist attack – instead of the glorious sceneries and “the friendliest and most sociable parties I have ever come across”.

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