Royal wedding watchers considered to a procession of -Alist fames from both sides of the Atlantic

In a wed that has break-dance royal tradition in many ways, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have also surprised with some of the choices for their guest index.

Speculation leading up to the large-scale daytime focused on whether the couple would invite Donald Trump, or his predecessor, Barack Obama. In the occasion, neither US president established the roll , nor did the British prime minister, Theresa May.

But the lack of heads of state necessitated an abundance of Hollywood and quality, with a casting that reads like a who’s who of modern personality. Taking centre stage on Saturday were …

Sir Elton John

The singer and his husband, David Furnish, were attended chit-chat and giggling with the Beckhams( provided below ). There was speculation that John could perform during the evening reception. If he did play-act it would be harrowing passed he sang Candle in the Wind as a tribute to Harry’s late mom, Diana, at her funeral in Westminster Abbey.

Sir Elton John( L) and David Furnish( 2nd L) with the Beckhams inside the chapel. Image: Pool/ Reuters

David and Victorian Beckham

The former England football captain and the former Spice Girl were also in attendance.

Photograph: Danny Lawson/ AFP/ Getty Images

Oprah Winfrey

The US talkshow host was one of the more high profile US clients to represent the list.

Photograph: Ian West/ AFP/ Getty Images

James Corden

The comedian who has acquired reputation on both sides of the Atlantic was attending with his wife, Julia Carey.


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