Supporters of the LGBTQ community take part in the 14 th annual LGBT Pride march in Taipei, Taiwan .
Image: EPA

Over the weekend, the street of Taipei saw a massive 82, 000 beings marching for same-sex wedlock to be legalised.

Holding signs calling for matrimony equality, participants dressed up and carried rainbow pennants as they filled the streets of the Taiwan capital.

Over at City Hall, Taipei mayor Ko Wen-je posted his own shoutout on Facebook for LGBTQ privileges. He posted a picture of the rainbow pennant invoked there with the caption: “City Hall today raised a special flag.”

Also on Facebook, new president Tsai Ing-wen posted a lengthy memo in supporting same-sex marriage.

She replied three parties in assembly have already proposed drafting more all-inclusive principles, intimating at the possibility that same-sex marriage might get some sort of approving in the near future.

If it does, Taipei will be the first nation in Asia to legalise same-sex marriage.

Image: EPA

“Today there’s a rainbow over Taiwan. Deter on believe, ” she said.

While Taiwan is considered among the most progressive societies in Asia, the former decree Kuomintang party pushed back against marriage equality.

But under Tsai, the Democratic Progressive Party( DPP) which has been in capability for five months has given LGBTQ privileges a elevate recently.

82, 000 the representatives from China, Japan, Malaysia, Philippines, South Korea, Thailand and more took part in the march.

Image: EPA

Last week, the DPP ruled that wedlock helps such as honeymoon leave and parental leave should be extended to same-sex couples.

This includes relief payments and other perks that so far have just been been extended to marriage, straight employees.

Image: EPA

People carrying a long rainbow flag outside the Taiwan presidential palace.

Image: EPA

But as participates paraded in what organisers supposed was the most difficult gay rally in Asia, an anti-gay marriage group represented over 2,000 calls to the government’s hotline to condemn the phenomenon, daily newspapers reported.

The group criticized police for not cracking down on ceremony players, and said here Taipei municipal government was merely flying the flag to acquire voter substantiate ahead of the elections.

Image: EPA

But an estimated 82,000 marchers may beg to differ.

Image: EPA


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