Chalk one up to the ability of media show. The team responsible for house Target’s online registry envisioned Honeyfund appear on “Shark Tank, ” and thought it “wouldve been” cool to integrate the honeymoon registry service into Target’s own. Today, that amalgamation has led live across Target’s website, mobile network and in the dedicated Target registry app.

The retailer tells TechCrunch that the decision to partner with Honeyfund has to do with it being an established refer in the offering registry business, and its popularity with today’s consumers.

Founded back in 2006, the online registry lets family members or friends give the marrying pairs cash-based knacks- like funds for movement, for honeymoon-related jaunts and activities, for a down payment on a mansion, or anything else they like.

With the Target partnership and newly launched Honeyfund integration, pairs can now register for everything they want- including both physical gifts and cash gifts- from a single end. In thought, this could help Target retain customers who may have otherwise opted to go non-traditional- but increasingly more popular- currency endowment route alone. It could also present a challenge to rival endowment registry services from startups, like Zola.

Target says its deal with Honeyfund is exclusively a partnership- no fund is exchanging handwritings , nor does this constitute a financial asset on the retailer’s portion. Nonetheless, it’s not the first time that Target has leveraged third-party technology to enhance its consumer-facing products. For illustration, the company last fall added Pinterest’s visual research tool to its website and mobile app.

That visual examine peculiarity today can recommend products to add to a registry based on a photo snapped from a smartphone. This operates across registries, including child, anniversary, marriage and others.

The Honeyfund integration, on the other hand, are not available within the Target wedding registry itself.

“Wedding registry expectations have changed over time, ” said Dawn Block, Target elderly vice president of digital, in a statement about the new partnership. “Guests are looking for a complete registry knowledge, including make and honeymoon alternatives, and Target be the first time that retailer to be able to offer all of this in one place on”


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