Forget the movie, Taylor Swift might be one of the greatest wedding crashers of all time.

On Saturday night, the 26 -year-old singer showed up at a wedding ceremony in New Jersey where she wholly amazed the bride and groom, Kenya Smith and Max Singer.

Of course, it wasn’t long ’til Swift hopped on a forte-piano and started playing “Blank Space.”

The song deems meaning for the couple, more. Max’s mother died recently, and he and Kenya has really marriage in research hospitals so his mother could see it, according to PEOPLE.

The report also said Max and his mama danced to “Blank Space.” In April, Max’s sister, Ali, reached out to Swift and told her the story.

Two months later, Taylor Swift was on the Jersey Shore with a big surprise.

Swift alsomade a special placard for the newlyweds, celebrating their wedding with a line from the lyric she performed.

If anything, Taylor Swift’s wedding gate-crash sees no matter what’s going on in her working life, she’s still a big love of love.

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