Three-day weddings are growing the norm but Country Life has called for imprisonment. We asked about the extravagant ceremonies youve been invited to

Country Life magazine has suggested couples favour quality over quantity when it is necessary to weds, with ceremonies now the nuptial equivalent of an forearms hasten. We questioned our readers to share their experiences of the luxury weddings they attended. Here is a selection of replies, with some identifies changed to protect peoples identities.

Hannah, 46, Boston: She hired out an entire country club in Long Island

There was ice skating on the frozen swimming bath of the team. Photo: Alamy

A girlfriend from university leased out an entire Long Island, NY, country club. First, it was incredibly cold. Who has weds in New York in January unless theyre raging sadists? This wouldnt have been so bad if everything had been inside, but the bride and groom decided to take advantage of the coldnes and have ice skating on the frozen swimming pool of the guild. I cannot recommend not ice skating in an dinner gown strongly enough.

Im told the cost for booze alone( with 500 guests) came to over $10,000, which had the benefit of numbing us to the excess. The foreground of the day was when the brides ex-boyfriend depicted up uninvited and drunk. He deprived in the cold and demanded to speak with the bride refusing to put his kit back on until she did. All the best marries are recognized out by either their wretched excess or their gargantuan downfalls. This one had both by the carload.

Stuart, 43, Cheshire: Cocaine was sourced readily from locals

Beach parties and sucking generally started at 10.30 am. Photo: Alamy Stock Photo

I went to a lavish wed in Barbados several years ago, diverted it into official holidays and abode for 2 week. The uniting clas stayed in Fustic House which expense 5,000 per nighttime. The majority of clients leased large-scale colonial-style houses on the Platinum Coast for the two-week season. Our live had two wading pool and wild monkeys in the back plot. For the next two weeks the two partners at the time and I spent in the region of 4, 000 -5, 000 between us.

In the week prior to the opening of the wed, beach states parties and sucking generally started at 10:30 am. Lots of rum sours were boozed from morning to night. Cocaine was sourced readily from locals to the extent that when the group went into municipality the marketers brandished at us. Those who took pharmaceuticals went to bed when I was getting up in the morning at around 8am. One affair involved going to watch Cheshire Polo( some of the working group knew players in the team ). We matched the chairmen of Barbados who flew in his helicopter to watch the game.

Amanda, 34, Birmingham: The bride rent her dress going out of the helicopter

We were chauffeured in individual horse-carriages. Photograph: Heinz-Peter Bader/ Reuters

I once accompanied an Anglo-Pakistani wedding ceremony at York Cathedral where we were chauffeured in individual horse-carriages to the Royal York Hotel where the bride and groom arrived by helicopter. The climate was charming as it was a red-hot summertimes date, but apache helicopters property was a shamblings as the brides dress ripped while she was getting out. The groom didnt is felt that vexed though as he already had a bottle of something in his hand.

The wedding was genuinely out of this world. Chefs were moved in from Pakistan to help with catering and my pa was just telling me the grooms papa took a second mortgage out to pay for it all. At one point I questioned how I knew these people. It was like something out of a Bollywood film.

Steven, 37, Poole: After a few weeks even quad biking around the island and limitless drinking grew tiring

Even quad biking around the island could not stifle to feeling that it was time to go. Picture: Tim Jones/ Alamy

My acquaintances got married seven years ago during a two-week long wed in the Caribbean. During the two weeks there used to be daily voyages on personal catamarans, a day-long seven-island craft tour, snorkelling off a ridge out at sea and a free rail as part of an all-inclusive parcel for clients. The wedding itself took place in the shade of some trees on the beach. Afterwards, there was a private disco and banquet in a eatery, must be accompanied by clubbing till 2am, then a casino. I invested around 1,700 when I was there.

Prior to the uniting the bridegroom had a three-day stag darknes in the UK followed by another one in the Caribbean. We had a race car driving know-how, channel-surf lessons and ringside posteriors to a drunken skirmish after the other stag ended up overdoing it. I must admit in the early stages of the second week I was ready to go, as the marry was over and we were just waiting to go home my best friend were abiding there for another week for their honeymoon. Even quad biking around the island and incessant boozing could not checked the feeling that it was time to go.

Sarah, 48, Bedford: There were acrobats, sorcerers and opera singers

At dinner, there were sorcerers wreaking the tables. Photo: Graham Turner for the Guide for the Guardian

In 2010 I went to the wedding of my ex-husbands boss. The formality took place in a exceedingly fancy Footballers Wives-type inn in Surrey. Wed booked an ordinary room but the bridegroom had paid for everyone to be upgraded to suites with their own garden-variety. He likewise went 10,000 in currency the day before simply is payable for all the various entertainers not including the cost of the inn, meat and guzzles of course.

We arrived to a cord quartet, and the acrobats appeared shortly after that and did a number while we drank champagne before the meal.The starter was asparagus floozy, and as the man has been so much champagne before the snack, there was a rush for the loo before the main course. The smell of asparagus wee-wee when you opened the door to the maids was extraordinary.

We then went into dinner “where theres” magicians wreaking the tables. Just before pudding, the attendants burst into song the latter are good and it was actually quite funny. The whole happening was absolutely ridiculous and had nothing at all to do with two parties donating their love to each other. And by 4am the hotel had wholly run out of champagne, apparently. Quite the most horrible and hitherto stupefying uniting Ive ever been to.


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