For richer or for poorer, the traditional bridal dedicate croaks. But when it comes to hosting the uniting itself, having a bigger bank account at your disposal surely helps.

A new examination of 16,000 brides by XO Group, which owns marriage website, found that the average cost of a bridal eliminating a honeymoon was $31,213 in 2014, a five-year high-flown. When adjusted for inflation, that wasting are not too equivalent to that given to pre-recession highs, but it is getting close.

Since the financial crisis, poverty-stricken job prospects and rising debt burdens have discouraged many Millennials from getting married. By 2012, the proportion of never-married adults in the U.S. had reached historic high-pitcheds, according to a investigation by the Pew Research Center.

Now, higher spending on weds is likely a mansion that the American economy and consumer confidence are enhancing. XO Groups survey found that spending on almost all wedding categories increased in 2014, includes the venue, photographer, circle or DJ, wedding dress, and gratifying. Pairs are particularly wasting more on constituents like cater, musicians, patty and cocktail hours, and less on the opening ceremony itself.

You can see a failure of how the typical duo invested $31,213 on their marry here.


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