( CNN) While the brand-new expend planneds Sen. Bernie Sanders has proposed in his presidential safarus would at least doubled federal expend over the next decade, he has provided little detail about how he would implement or finance such a massive increase.

Sanders’ plan, though all of its costs cannot be precisely quantified, would increase government spending as a share of the economy far more than the New Deal under President Franklin Roosevelt, the Great Society under Lyndon Johnson or the agenda proposed by any recent Democratic presidential campaigner, including liberal George McGovern in 1972, according to a historical analysis shared with CNN by Larry Summers, the former bos White House economic adviser for Barack Obama and fund secretary for Bill Clinton.

Sanders’ plan would also increase the size of authority far more than any modern Republican chairperson, including Ronald Reagan, has sought to cut it, Summers’ analysis concluded.

His single-payer healthcare systems propose, which would change all private health insurance with a government-run program. The center-left Urban Institute forecasted last year that such a plan would increase federal spending on health care by about $34 trillion over the next decade, an estimate in line with projections by the Rand Corp. and other analysts. Sanders’ “Green New Deal” proposal to end the nation’s reliance on fossil fuel will cost $16.3 trillion over the next decade, according to the campaign’s forecasts. Sanders says on his website that he will invest $2.5 trillion over the next decade to build 10 million more gangs of affordable housing. Sanders has endorsed propositions to spend$ 1 trillion over the coming decade on improving the nation’s infrastructure. Sanders has proposed to eliminate tuition and costs at all public colleges and universities and to pay off all $1.6 trillion in student debt. Sanders places the 10 -year cost of tuition-free public college at $480 billion( though other appraisals are somewhat higher ). That “ve brought” the cost of his higher education agenda to somewhat above$ 2 trillion.


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