For avid readers of E.L. James, Fifty Shades of Grey book series, it feels like a lifetime has passed whilst waiting for the third largest sexual tale, Fifty Shades Freed, to be adapted for the big screen. But, that wait is finally over… The first teaser trailer has now been released, in preparation for the highly awaited final movie, which will touch cinemas on Valentines Day 2018. The one minute clip has only been available for 24 hours, but the internet is already at breaking point as fans share their hullabaloo and conjecture on the seductive incidents shown in the action jam-pack teaser. Valentines Day has never looked so good … Teasing is the dealerships speciality, so it is hardly surprising that the first view of the final film is dripping with uncertainty and seduction. The time briefly shows the wedding of Anastasia Steel( Dakota Johnson) and Christian Grey( Jamie Dornan ), before whisking you away on their honeymoon, via a private spurt, of course. However, the steamy scenes soon alter dark as the beats and chains are swapped for handguns and violence. Occasions are heating up, but not in the way you’d expect … The sensual backgrounds are interrupted by the rift of gun volley as Christian wields a handgun and, the usually timid Anastasia volleys a shot. Just as your middle begins to hasten, the teaser ends in a flash, as Anastasia’s former boss, Jack Hyde, supports a knife to her throat. The foreplay is securely over and video games are just about to start … The official trailer for the movie, which is set to debut on Valentines Day 2018, will be released in November. For now, the teaser trailer is competently on brand, leaving love desperate for more … The movie is set to push the Fifty Shades of Grey film trilogy into a million dollars franchise, after the first two cinemas Fifty Shades of Grey and Fifty Shades Darker grossed $949.8 million worldwide. Necessitating that it will sit proudly alongside major dealerships such as Jurassic Park, Star Wars and Harry Potter . As with any huge dealership there has been a constant sigh online from love, as they try to read what the third film has to offer. In the build up to the teaser trailers secrete, fan accounts on Twitter were shared behind-the-scenes images, taken during filming last year, in an attempt to piece together the storyline. Whilst the planned of Fifty Shades Freed, which was released in 2012, won’t has become a mystery to anyone who has spoken the book, it is certainly still eliciting much exhilaration with fans. The notebook exchanged two million copies in the U.K. alone and entered the New York Times best seller listing at number three. Fifty Shades Freed is really not going to be totally overshadowed by the two journals that came before it! So buckle up, it’s is high time to take a trip( in a luxury sports car, naturally )… Fifty Shades Freed was filmed back-to-back with the second film in the dealership, Fifty Shades Darker , which has only helped but increase apprehension for the movies secrete. However, hopeless fans will have to wait another five months for the final installment. In the mean time, gives take a look at what Fifty Shades Freed has to offer … The trailer for Fifty Shades Freed appears to show Anastasia in control, as opposed to Christian. Could it be that she is about to become the dominant figure? There ought to have many negative reviews of the book succession and movies, which have labelled the franchise misogynistic. Is the final movie going to prove these reviews incorrect? The reactions to the teaser trailer, however, are mixed. Many can just contain themselves until next February, whilst others are hoping that the day never comes. Since the very beginning, the franchise has firmly partitioned “the worlds”. You quite simply either enjoy it, or detest it. However, it would appear that most are firm devotees, with the dealership amassing a small luck and cementing itself as one of the more popular in modern times. To highlight just how favourite Fifty Shades of Grey is, here are the all important numerals, which really show just how favourite it is …


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