The black-and-white marry photos of duets married in China used to resemble ID cards. Now a much more elaborated institution is emerging, writes Jenny Valentish

The photographer and his gang sit outside the container, grinning.

” Beauty, how long are you able harbour your breath under ocean ?” one calls out to the sopping wet woman in the wedding gown. A moment eventually, he addresses the groom-to-be:” Handsome, when you dive down, exactly suck your tummy in a little bit. Your bum as well .”

It’s not the most romantic scenario but the end causes- post-Photoshop- are stunning. As is a practice in modern-day China, episodes manager Jenny Cheng and banker David Shaw have shelled out for pre-wedding photos, which can be as ambitious as they are expensive- up to$ AU250, 000 if shot in exotic ends such as Paris, Bali or Sydney.

A behind-the-scenes portrait and a Photoshopped final image of David and Jenny

A behind-the-scenes likenes and a Photoshopped final image of David and Jenny.

Only Photo is a pre-wedding photography studio in an industrial park just out of Shanghai, with three storeys of’ old world’ romantic and fantasy sets.

Clockwise from crest: The original bridal photo of Pei Pei and Sun, and behind the scenes of their new uniting shoot.

A pre-wedding shoot for those who were disclaimed marry photos before the cultural revolution

A bride-to-be poses inside the Only Photo studio.

Just outside of Shanghai, Thames Town is a themed hamlet pattern on England, whose main use is now as a marry photo location.


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