This couple decided to get married at Minnesota Zoo and discontinued up with some absolutely spectacular bridal photos, including get hilariously photobombed by a Russian grizzly bear.

The images, taken a number of Chris and Kristy Photography, had now been moved viral as people can’t get enough of the bear’s outrageous facial expressions, it looks exhaustively unimpressed with the situation revealing in front of it! “The situations were the photographer’s opinion, ” the groom clarified. “They said it was very fortunate to get a paint with one of the local denizens; the swine generally go in for mealtime when we’re have been able to stray prior to the ceremony. This Russian grizzly bear was the only one nature enough impart us his’ blessings’.”

Perhaps this will start a new trend of zoo weddings? The bridegroom understands people’s very concerned about the method some zoos operate, and made it clear that Minnesota Zoo quenched his concerns about animal welfare at the venue. “There are some less than cordial zoos’ in countries around the world that are like prisons, ” he justified. “But I’d like to think that our prefer venue, the MN Zoo, is not among them since it’s state owned and not a Zoo for the sake of profit. If I’m not mistaken, they too perform many functions critical to wildlife rehabilitation and continuing species approaching extinction.”

If you are thinking of doing similarly and getting married at a zoo, please choose carefully! Scroll down below to check out the comical scenes for yourself, as well as some other moments when swine decided to get involved in people’s’ perfect’ moments.

“So we got married at the Zoo”

Image credits: Chris and Kristy Photography/ Caters

“And this bear had an interesting first ogle reaction”

Image ascribes: Chris and Kristy Photography/ Caters

Image recognitions: Chris and Kristy Photography/ Caters

The amusing pics reminded us of other animals devastating’ perfect’ moments

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People received the make excessively amusing