Cheating is always a result of a much deeper concern, and even Christians are not immunes …

By Lairs Johnston

Now before we even get started, let me answer one of the most commonly asked questions: If he cheats, is it your omission ? No.

No matter how mischievously a man is treated within a relationship, how forgotten, how deceived, as long as you guys are still officially in a relationship, cheating is not okay. Two incorrects will never make a right.

With that spoke, its also important to know that chiselling will always be the physical upshot of a much more profound issue. Quite often, these issues could be addressed and worked on before it gets to the point of cheating, so here are the top five.

5 Reasons Christian Men Cheat

1 .) They have abandonment issues

This may sound weird to people who dont struggle with defection, like why would a guy do something to destroy something hes afraid of leaving him? That doesnt make sense. At the same era, if all youve been told in life is that all good occasions come to an end, then it gives a panic of good events deep inside you.

Well check ourselves as inadequate, particularly in good relations, and by cheating were proving to ourselves “thats been” unworthy. As stupid as it reverberates, often termination pains less than rejection.

2 .) Bad community

No guy is perfect. Period. Every guy necessity Jesus. Sometimes we even have Jesus, but we disconcert ourselves to the point where were isolated and trying to demolish the spokesperson of Satan alone. Not good odds.

Going along with this is the epidemic in the church of men adoring girls. No community is tough, but being surrounded by guys that routinely point out women peculiarities before their identities wears on you and subconsciously improves you to value women for ogles. Formerly the objectification measures our entertainment, it only becomes a matter of time before someone else volunteers something that you dont have. Men need to be surrounded by godly servicemen with large-scale express who arent afraid to call a person out who starts to stumble. If you catch Satan lies early, they are a lot easier to overcome than when you wake up next to a stranger and recognize how incorrect everything there is was.

3 .) Grass is always greener

Discipline. Women, pay attention to how well boys do events that they dont want to do. The annoying thoughts in life. How do they handle greenbacks? How do they consider laundry? Can they do the dishes? Seems basic, but our culture is FULL of words like do what prepares you happy and you deserve better. Just turn on any occurrence of Greys Anatomy , and youll find the see trying to get you to clap for a break up or an circumstance because the one theyre with isnt the one.

Men cheat because they think it is policy options. They buy into the lies that culture tells us, that we have needs and we have a right to know where these needs are met. The actuality is, charity, by definition, is self-sacrifice. Croaking to your own desires to serve the desires of someone you passion . Love isnt shown in buying buds or speaking nice stuffs during the honeymoon period, its was indicated in the services offered. Find a human who ACTS like he loves you and youll never need to hear him say it ( okay wholly not true, youll still want to hear it, but you get the moment and it clanged more lyrical to cease like that ).

4 .) Nicholas Sparks

Feeling required. Guy might try totell you otherwise, but they require a Nicholas Sparks-esque relationship. We want the woman to be crazy about us, we want to be impressive, we have a rank of manlines( sometimes arrogance) that wants to be needed. Maidens have this too, it just can seem differently.

We adored opening the jar thats too tight for you to open, we love paying for dinner and supporting entrances, and we desire being appreciated. The trouble is, we can tend to basi our passion off of TV proves and movie screens instead of biblical responsibilities. When we feel like fulfillment is tied to a requisite that our lover doesnt have, we search abroad. This doesnt even have to be a physical happen. Ive often realized high school clergymen find unhealthy satisfaction from female notice from girls, Ive looked CEOs flirt with their receptionists, and Ive find husbands extending nonprofits only hiring college girls who will laugh at their gags. Sometimes the girls dont even realize their involvement and are just simply innocent observers in realise men appear needed.

5 .) God

As children of God, we were created to want a charity where were fully known and fully loved. When we look to find that various kinds of ardour from humans, were left mis, were disappointed and can cheat thinking that well find it in the next one. God is no other one who is capable of being your everything.


Its never merely an act and it always entails something to cheat. I could never tell person “what were doing” after being cheated on, but no matter what, its important to remember goodnes while recognizing superficial sorrow. One circumstance I know, females, is that Jesus doesnt cheater , not even demise, He took it straight on for you. The residue is merely child items trying to distract us from the greatest love story ever told.

About the Author : Lairs is the chief of sinners, saved by goodnes, with a life that is showing you God can use anyone. His fervours are contending sexuality trafficking, talking about sadnes and helping high school students have a expres. He may only be 28 and a half but he can read at a 30 -year-old degree .


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