You may have thought you’d seen everything there is when it came to wild wed veers, but today’s information may beat even uniting alpacas.( Yes, those are a real thing .) The Bachelor alum Ben Higgins has teamed up with DiningOut Events to create” The Wedding Party ,” a mass wedding ceremony, receipt, and celebration all wheeled into one. Yes, you read that accurately. Because going to see one marry over the weekend isn’t enough, you can now celebrate 12, Coachella style.

So how TF will this actually operate? Imagine this: Each of the 12 duets will walk down the alley, one after another, and take center stage for the purposes of an inspirational non-denominational ritual. After each duet performs their swears, the couples will be announced by none other than Ben Higgins himself, and a massive wedding night will follow.

Each couple is responsible for 100 all-inclusive gala tickets priced at $150/ being, amounting to $15,000 which is literally the costs of only a photographer in New York City. So if you don’t mind turning your wedding into a public sight, which most people do on Facebook in the year leading up to their nuptials anyway, this may simply be the thing you’re looking for. If you nag your lover into watching The Bachelor every Monday and just wanted to go that a stair further, you can apply for Ben Higgins’ wed festival here. Prevent in subconsciou these costs does not include jaunt and lodge, wedding dresses/ clothings, photography reproduces/ photo albums, and pre-event activities. I’ll too go ahead and say that Neil Lane diamonds are perhaps also not included. So if you have nothing better to do Labor Day weekend, The Wedding Party will take place on Sunday, September 1, 2019 at The Denver Polo Club, 6359 Airport Rd in Denver, Colorado and will, according to the website, welcome duets of all kinds:” straight-out, lesbian, bi-racial, multi-cultural, and without regard to religion ,” making it already most diverse than any season of The Bachelor or The Bachelorette.

Portraits: Shutterstock; Jeff Suskin/ Youtube


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