There are lots of great affection fibs out there. First, we have our imaginary adore stories. There’s. There’s Allie and Noah from. There’s Carrie and Big. Then, we have our real-life adore narratives. There’s Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis. There’s your grandma and grandpa who were married 70 times. There’s Michelle and Barack Obama. And now, as our newest addition to the listing, we have a video of fowls feeding one another seed puree.

It all started when Maura T. Hennelly( Twitter user @painthands) get her colorful parakeet appointed Kiwi a girlfriend. But she didn’t get Kiwi just any lover, she got Kiwi a black, white, and gray-headed GOTH parakeet. Like any good millennial, Maura took a photo shoot of her cute little parakeet duo and posted the photos all over Twitter, where they have since exited viral. Because, DUH, WHO DOESN’T LOVE A COUPLE OF ADORABLE PARAKEETS LOVIN’ ON EACH OTHER?

Well, to be honest, I didn’t love parakeets( I had a distressing pet parakeet place in third point and genuinely haven’t adoration those since ), but now, after seeing this cuteness overload, I Enjoy parakeets again.

Check out the cute fowls here:

It’s like Kiwi was your high school class clown, and she’s the goth daughters who sulked behind the bleachers while she blared emo music in her honcho phones.

And look at how Kiwi tries to get his goth bae’s tending with cute little brain bobs!

Parakeets flirt, more, you guys !!!!!!!!

And now, for the cutest occasion of them all, LOOK AT KIWI FEEDING HIS GOTH GF PUREE.

Chivalry is dead after all.

Needless to say, parties adoration Kiwi and his girlfriend.

They may be fowls, but humans can sure relate.

They even reminded a few people of their favorite TV couple.

If you’re not a fan and don’t know these people, April Ludgate and Andy Dwyer are together on the demo. Here’s their beautiful wedding ceremony 😛 TAGEND

But anyway, Kiwi and goth bae are totally soulmates.

There are even other parakeets trying to swoop Kiwi from his emo GF.

This guy is perturbed the goth cutie is going to plagiarize Kiwi from Maura.

But don’t worry, Maura’s not concerned.

And they might just be in LOVE.

Couple purposes, amiright ?!

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