Rumor has it that there are more Harry Potter devotees on earth than there are starrings in our solar system. But few of them can claim to be bigger devotees of the world famous heptalogy than newlyweds Cassie and Lewis Byrom.

To celebrate their reciprocal admiration for J.K. Rowling’s most well known serial, the Potterheads decided to shed a Harry Potter-themed bridal unlike any you’ve never seen before. The bridal took more than a year to strategy and the couple exploited Ebay and kindnes stores is so that every single detail was faithful to the books. Each of the 130 clients received a wand upon appearance and the bridesmaids carried paper corsages made from 20 cut-up fictions. The hoops were presented on a copy of the Half Blood Prince and were both inscribed’ Always’ in homage to Severus Snape. They even had their faces reproduced on wanted signs from the Ministry of Magic! Sorry Potter devotees, but this one’s going to take some trouncing!

Cassie and Lewis Byrom decided to have a uniting inspired by their favorite thing in the world…

Image recognitions: Kelly Clarke