It feels like it’s been simultaneously 30 hours and 84 times since Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott announced their separate, though neither of those time frames are accurate. Just one day after the news that Kylie and Travis broke up, Kylie was recognise hanging out with her ex Tyga. Kris Jenner may work hard, but Kylie wreaks immediately. Initially, we didn’t know the reason behind the split, and sources were only reporting that the two had decided to step away for a bit. Now, TMZ is claiming to find out why Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott broke up, and they seem, in a word, like total bullsh* t. Sources apparently told TMZ that” their decision to break things off came few weeks ago, following a very long honeymoon phase that was full of love, touring, going on vacations and of course … elevating their daughter, Stormi, together .” Nonetheless, after they stopped jet-setting around the globe and had to confront the stern actuality of the working day to epoch grind that is parenting, they “fell out of love,” according to sources.

I don’t know what kind of contract Travis signed with the demon Kris Jenner to get out of this breakup unscathed, but I’m seriously affected that he did not get absolutely thrown under the bus like all the other Kardashian exes. Now all he has to do is not make out with any of Kylie’s friends, and he should be able to bounce right back.

I’m specially not buying this” it was mutual” trash because Kylie apparently colors Travis on her Instagram story. Though Kylie is not nearly as obvious with her IG story subtweeting as her sister Khloe, fans see she took shots at Travis in this video. It’s subtle, but in usual Kylie fashion, she opens along the words to a song.

It’s not a Travis Scott song, because that would just be too obvious. Kylie’s singing along to “Stretch You Out” by Summer Walker. The melodics include, “What you on your last sigh, your last-place sweat, your last-place dime?/ Out of your f* cking head/ Can’t you attend I’m f* cking trying/ You crave p* ssy six times a week/ And you never wanna clean up”

Okayyyyy, the patch thickens! In the words of Andy Dwyer, this case just remained interesting. Did Travis act entitled and Kylie couldn’t take it anymore? I could see it, given that their relationship was basically one giant advertising push for him.

BUT THEN! Literally instants after I produced this article( FML ), Kylie tweeted this 😛 TAGEND

While I’m glad that coparenting Stormi is her and Travis’s first priority, Kylie doesn’t get to rail against the internet for establishing everything 100 times more dramatic than what it really is! The internet’s ability to overdramatize is the driving force behind her and her entire family’s fame! Hmph.

Initially, TMZ was alluding to the fact that Kylie and Travis’s split might not be permanent, but given that Kylie immediately exited flowing to her ex–who she had not remained close with after their breakup, for obvious reasons–that seems unlikely. I make, fames are not exactly known for shaping the most rational long-term decisions, so I’m just projecting here. But unless it is me, and my ex went to go hang out with their ex at 2am one day after we told everyone we is broken? Let’s just say, I’ve deaded parties for a lot less. Fans also were quick to point out, in the case of any piece of Kardashian news, that this could very well be a publicity stunt. That’s because Travis Scott has a single coming out on Friday. TMZ declares this, but claims,” we’re told the timing of the breakup report is simply a coincidence … this is not some sort of stunt .” Which is EXACTLY the type of statement you would realize if you were planning an elaborate PR stunt !!

I don’t really think this is a PR stunt, but anything is possible when it comes to this family. We will probably never know the real reason why Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott is broken, but I’ll be continuing to stalk Kylie’s Snapchat for evidences. Ugh, I bid she was as messy as Khloe–that would oblige my work so much easier.

Images:; kyliesnapchat/ Instagram


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