Kylie Jenner sure knows how to make a fella apprehensive, and of course, her new ties-in every developing iscaptured on social to obligate the sting that much more fierce for Tyga, anyway.

Kinda like dj vu, huh?

Remember the working day when your senior high school ex would post Myspace photos with anew flameright after your breakup? Well, fast forward 10 times, change the social media programme and take a look at Kylie . Its your junior year inferno all over again, except youre watching everything there is undo from the sidelines( thankfully ).

We get it, Tyga, it cant be easy.


Kylie, the1 9-year-old actuality starlet, is moving right along after her split with the 27 -year-old rapper, and new footage has developed( again) depicting her getting cozy with Travis Scott, 25.

Theyre not just having a good time, according to reports from TMZ theyre the real slew.

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On Friday, May 12, Kylie joined her new beau in his Houston hometown for a concert and after-party at aclub, where both were discovered get cuddly in a brand-new video as a wild audience defendants on behind them.

Have a look at the footage for yourself.

Ever since she inaugurated assuring Travis, Kylie seems to be getting back to her springs. Would you take a look at that TLC shirt? Its so 90 s, Icant take it!

not only is Kylie following her brand-new person to Texas for one of his gigs, but she is even satisfying their own families, according to reports from Hollywood Life. Dont waste anytime, Kylie!

According to presumably exclusive Hollywood Life roots, Travis is not about the prominence, where as Tyga always wanted to be noticed when out and about with Kylie.


I mean, there havebeen a lot of moments in the spotlight for these two new lovebirds, but maybe well give them potential benefits of the doubt since theyre still in their honeymoon phase.

If I were Kylie, Id make sure not to post photos of the promise resounding Travis yields her considers that it is didnt go too well the first time around with Tyga.

Well, Tyga has been spewing some nasty lyrics while all of this reveals, so I guess its safe to say hes not taking his exs new love too well.

Better luck next time, Tyga.