US president spared vision of widespread street affirms, despite his unpopularity, in a France weary of political campaigning

The US president, Donald Trump, left Paris smiling on Friday after a 24 -hour visit in which he was not troubled by the large shows he had panicked if he came here London.

Although some crowds did meet behind riot police lines supporting banners with letters such as Save the planet, refuse Trump, the issue is continued far away from any of the locations Trump visited.

It was not that Trumps visit disappeared without question. The left-leaning daily Libration ranged the headline: Pariah in Paris.

The French environment minister, Nicolas Hulot, when asked if he would shake Trumps hand, balked and suggested it was enough of a concession to simply share a scaffold with him at members of the military parade.

But even the daily Libration could not make its sentiment up of determining whether Trump was welcome. It wrote two separate editorials, one saying it was a good opinion to attempt to making Trump round to French projects; another said that it was regrettable that the red carpet was rolled out in such a fawning way.