Sounds like Usher was barking up the incorrect tree!

The freshly single adept was apparently quite taken with Tessa Thompson at the premiere of Black Panther last month — so much so he may have made a clown of himself!

Video: We’re Actually Shipping Tessa& Janelle Monae So …

A source told Page Six the Yeah! singer was on the hook after constituting alongside the Thor: Ragnarok scene stealer and Janelle Monae on the red carpet:

“They were talking to Janelle and he and Tessa had flirty body language.”

That actually chimes promising.

“…then he seemed to be following[ Thompson] around like a lost puppy.”

Ooh. Less so.

In fact, the witness adds when she “walked away, he followed like a puppy go looking for more attention.”


Onlookers presumably discovered his overt pastime more confusing than anything — this was weeks before he announced his split from his wife though apparently after they had already separated.

So maybe that’s why she was less interested. And not because she has the Internet on her phone

[ Image via Faye Sadou/ Media Punch .]


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