Me and my partner got married on June 17 th. For ages we had a plan to go to Sicily on our honeymoon. And we did. Since very first moment we were in love with everything: parties, communication, food, batches, sort etc. One of our goals in this errand was to ascent Etna volcano. Moving to the point of this history we climbed Etna on June 20 th. During this day we were very excited about our journey, changes in “peoples lives”, glamour of volcano which by the way wasn’t the most wonderful event to climb to. But it’s worth the effort as Etna is something out of this world, it seemed like strolling in different planet or a moon.

On our method back from the highest point of Etna we spotted Iphone, but immediately insured a girl looking for something so owner was found instantly. But like after next hundred gradations we heard GoPro camera on the field and this time there were no parties looking for it. We marched with it all the way back in our hands, questioning beings if they haven’t forgot one, but with no success. All the behavior we considered what to do with it either to leave at lost and acquired or try to find its owners on our own. One act we knew that we don’t want to keep something we don’t own. And people who lost it haven’t failed simply a camera but it had all their treasured recognitions and photos. We were so happy with our Sicily event and we thought it was unfair someone has bad one and we want to return their camera to bring back exuberance to them.

So dear Bored Panda community, help us find this girl or her friends so that GoPro camera would find its path back home!

This was the last draw with a smile that we found on a camera

Actual last-place photo

Oh and here are us, joyous and in love!

Etna conquered! On our lane to find GoPro!

UPDATE: Pandas, we did it! We saw the owner!