Man and woman shot at church in Pelham in what police say was not a random shooting

A gunman opened fire at a wedding ceremony inside a New Hampshire faith on Saturday, hitting two people before clients tackled the attacker and regarded him until police arrived, dominions said.

Pelham police chief Joseph Roark said no fatalities were presented in the shooting at New England Pentecostal church.

One of the people who helped subdue the doubt, who arrived here and began shooting after the wed began, suffered minor injuries, Roark said.

A man and a woman were shot, police said. It was unknown if they were part of the ceremony or clients at the wed.

” This does not seem to be a random contest, at least at this object ,” Roark told reporters.

Three people were taken to hospitals but no update on their conditions was provided. Roark said he was not aware of any harms to the gunman. Roark did not offer a motive for the shooting. No accusations were announced.

Roark said the New Hampshire attorney general’s office would provide more details of the shooting later.

Police were called to the church shortly thereafter 10 am in Pelham, a town of about 13,000 on their own borders with Massachusetts.

Roark said the church received active shooter training from his district within the last year. He did not know if people who repressed the shooter were trained the same way but” I think that is a standard that is being taught now to address the threat “.

A funeral was scheduled to be held at the church after the wedding, for 60 -year-old Luis Garcia. Garcia, a minister at the church, was killed earlier this month. A follower charged with the responsibility and is jailed.


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