The thing that’s so amazing about being a newlywed is the lack of information on what’s to come after all the clients have gone home. There is no shortage of articles, blogs, and roadmaps navigating you through the bridal planning process. From composing national budgets, to finding a venue, to knowing how much liquid to stock up on–it’s all clearly spelled out and there for the taking. But formerly that day is over, you’ve returned from the honeymoon, and your once-pumping adrenaline has dehydrated out right along with the $400 bloom bouquet…what’s next? Well, grab a fresh receptacle of Rocky Road and get comfy, because here it is. A Dummy’s Guide on what you can expect after your wedding.

The Thank You Cards

You’ve reached a point where your mailman knows you by name and your accommodation looks like an Amazon fulfillment center. Your counters are cluttered with the air fryer, new coldnes brew machine, and many other* must have* gadgets you registered for. Which signifies one thing: it’s time to write thank you cards. Shouldn’t be an issue, since you’ve diligently remained records of who transport what( mostly a roster of your new favorite people, and those who need a lesson on decorum because a $40 felt pencilled is not a good enough reason to stray from the registry, Susan ).


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