It’s been a week since we watched Cassie take Colton back on the finale of The Bachelor, and they’re emphatically still in the honeymoon stage. Or, more precisely, they’re in the let’s post on Instagram nonstop so everyone thinks we’re super joyous phase, but it’s just as annoying. But how long will it last? Will Colton and Cassie even get employed, or will they just fade into the background of failed Bachelor couples? Only duration “re going to tell”, but this got me thinking about some of the other recent-ish Bachelor couples that we don’t hear much about.

Some of the answers are obvious, like Arie and Lauren( married with a child on the way ), or Nick and Vanessa( probably haven’t spoken in a year ), but other couples is a great deal harder to read. Who’s still together? Who’s getting married soon? Who acts like their belief fiance doesn’t even exist? Come along as I embark on this deep dive into the murky waters of what happens after Mike Fleiss stops telling you what to pole on Instagram.

Becca& Garrett

Aside from Colton, Becca Kufrin was the most recent Bachelor Nation star, and her engagement with Garrett looks like it’s still going strong. In knowledge, merely just a few days ago, Becca and Garrett posted to celebrate the anniversary of when their relationship technically started. Of course, Becca was technically dating two dozen other guys for the first couple months, but I suspect we can count it because he got the first impression rose.

Becca and Garrett post about one another somewhat regularly, but like, a ordinary amount for a couple that’s committed. Their don’t sound like they were ghost-written by Mike Fleiss, which is definitely a good signal. We don’t know any details about when their bridal will be, but in December they did a odd pre-wedding photoshoot, in which Becca is certainly wearing a wedding dress. Unsure why that was a thing, but Becca also said in December that they’re house-hunting together in San Diego, so it seems like things are going well for them and they’re committed.

Rachel& Bryan

I always had my uncertainty about Rachel and Bryan’s relationship, principally because it was clear from watching the season that she had the strongest feelings for Peter.( It will never make sense to me why someone who isn’t ready to get employed goes on a testify where a proposition is literally the only objective. What are you doing ??) Despite Bryan being a questionable winner, he and Rachel are still together virtually 2 years later. They stop things quite low-key, and sometimes move months without posting photos together on Instagram.

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My forever Christmas present [?]~ ATAGEND

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But now, there’s no question of determining whether Bryan and Rachel are legit, because they’re getting married this summer. In January, Rachel told Entertainment Tonight that she has a date and a dress. As for the point, she said ” It will be a end wed in a warmer orientation, closer to Colombia, where Bryan’s from, but it’s not in Colombia .” Lol because” closer to Colombia” could literally signify anything, but I get that she doesn’t want to tell the whole world exactly where they’ll be getting married( damn it ). Rachel afterward told the Bachelor Party podcast that the wedding is in August, so stay tuned for that in the midst of Bachelor in Paradise. It’s going to be a busy summer.

JoJo& Jordan

Let’s be real–JoJo and Jordan are the main reason I wanted to do this article. It’s been almost three years since they got engaged, and I understand that The Bachelorette is not a usual rapport scenario, but three years is a long time to be engaged for anyone. JoJo and Jordan still post together all the time, so it’s never really been in doubt that they’re together, but when are they getting married ??

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Last month, they shared some minimal details about their wed plans on their web line( lol ). They said that they had decided 2019 “wouldve been” the year they shared their wed date…which is nothing. You could define a year in 2019 for four years from now; this information is useless. Jojo and Jordan are waiting until after Jordan’s brother’s wedding( not Aaron, the other one) to foretell the year, but JoJo said she requires a springtime wedding. I’m assuming she doesn’t mean this spring, so we’re most likely looking at a Springtime 2020 wed date. There’s nothing wrong with a long date, except for the fact that I’m impatient. I make, we all watched their entire relation uncover on camera; I feel like it’s only right that I get semi-regular updates on the relations between the two countries status. Is that so much better to request ??

Chris& Krystal

So the past three Bachelorettes are all still involved and in varying stagecoaches of marriage planning, but what about some Paradise duos? First of all, let’s talk about Chris and Krystal. After getting engaged on Paradise last season, they’ve fared a little better than Jordan and Jenna, and they’re still together. In December, they moved in together in San Diego, so that they are able to hang out with Becca and Garrett all the time! I’m haunted with Chris posting a literal accommodation tour on Instagram 😛 TAGEND

There hasn’t been much report about their eventual marry, other than Krystal telling People that she sees” a beach and bare feet, and lots of crystals .” Do I smell a Paradise marriage on the horizon ?? Chris Harrison can only hope. In the mean time, they’ve started a YouTube channel called Glitter Goose together, so that’s how you know it’s really love.

Raven& Adam

Now that we’ve addressed the four duos that are already involved, let’s is finished with one couple who is headed in that attitude: Raven and Adam. Since see on the show in 2017, they’ve been together for almost two years, and they seem to be doing great. In knowledge, Adam went on a podcast recently and said that he’s going to propose to her sometime in 2019. My by calculations, that symbolizes Colton should be proposing to Cassie by 2021… oh wait, that’s never going to happen.

Adam also said that they’ve gotten many offers for a televised wed, but they’re not interested. That’s a shame, because I’m sure Chris Harrison was already setting up the folding chair for another Paradise wedding. But certainly, Raven and Adam seem pretty normal and joyous, and I hope they remain that way. Maybe not all of these pairs will make it in the end, but they seem to be doing fine for now.

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