There are all kinds of weird institutions surrounding wedding. Many pairs decide to include the time-honored patterns like engagement reverberates, a white-hot dress, the father-daughter hop and a honeymoon. These often go off without a hitch, but rarely one of these romantic minutes will go shockingly incorrect.

One tradition that’s tough to mess up, however, is the rings. Since they form an infinite halo, resounds are meant to symbol the never-ending affection that the bride and groom have for one another. Have you ever would like to know why wedding echoes are worn on the 4th digit, though? Some believe that this practice comes from an ancient Chinese tradition which considers marriage to be an important attachment that should never be broken. Don’t believe us? Watch what happens when “womens issues” employs her sides together and tries to separate her ring finger. This is not possible to the only reason why we wear uniting doughnuts on our 4th digit, but it’s certainly the most poetic.


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